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WHISPERS OF LIGHT: Illuminating Bioluminescence Through Art

Step into a world where nature's hidden mysteries come to life through the captivating medium of art. In WHISPERS OF LIGHT we invite you on an extraordinary journey into the depths of bioluminescence, where the ocean's darkest corners reveal their secrets in the most enchanting ways.

This immersive art exhibition celebrates the mesmerizing beauty of bioluminescent organisms, capturing their delicate radiance. As you wander through the Baldoyle library, you will encounter a diverse collection of artworks from local artists, Amy Boland and Karen Lee, that explore the intricate dance of light and life in the sea.

WHISPERS OF LIGHT invites you to ponder the profound connection between art and nature, where artists become storytellers, sharing the secrets of the ocean's depths with brushstrokes and illustration. Prepare to be enchanted, inspired, and, most of all, transported to a world where whispers of light reveal the wonders of bioluminescence like never before.

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