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Reject. Connect.

A collaborative exhibition.

9-25 Feb, 2023
Banquet Hall, Smock Alley Theatre

In a world where Cancel Culture and the Selfie Society can determine your mere existence online, should we be looking beyond the alluring aesthetic into the unknown ugliness offline to find real substance? 


Award winning creative photographer, Tim Bingham and visual artist, Karen Lee take a frivolous, Tinder-like approach to collaborate on this new series of abstract photos and paintings. Capturing the charm in the mundane, Tim will lay bare his idea of what beauty is while Karen unscrupulously sifts through his extensive collection of photos, ‘swiping left’ until she finds 10 photos that evoke that elusive creative seed. Composer, Ken Tuohy, has created 10 original soundscapes to accompany each photo, allowing the viewer to be completely immersed in the world of the photographer and the painter. 


The idea that none of us escape judgement nor the intense feeling of rejection - through our relationships, friendships and work - is universal… as is the fervid feeling one gets when everything aligns and inevitably a connection is made. 


‘Reject. Connect’ is an exhibition of 10 artworks, 10 soundscapes and the 10 photos that inspired them. All ready for you, the audience, to appraise. 


This exhibition is run in conjunction with Scene & Heard Festival of New Work at Smock Alley Theatre 1662. 

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